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5 Tips for Shopping in France

The French are well known for fashion and great shopping. However, cruising the stores in Paris isn't the same as it is back home. Opening hours are different, and sizing isn't the same as it is in other countries. Read on for a few tips to help you make the most of your shopping experience in France....(more)

Understanding French Fashion

The French are serious about their wine and their clothes. They have governing bodies that specify which grapes are grown where and how wine is labeled. So it is in clothes as well. A governing commission determines which fashion houses are the best and deserve to be called haute couture. The commission also regulates law, piracy, and all things fashion. If you're interested in style, you should know how the industry developed, who the major players are, and where you can get designer clothing without robbing a bank....(more)

Notable French Fashion Stores

Along with New York City, Milan, and London, Paris is the place to be for clothes shopping. When you are looking for French fashion stores, you have many options as Paris has many boutiques. There, you can find a happy medium where the individual style of a designer is matched with mass production so you get innovative garments at relatively inexpensive prices. Before your visit, you should know about some of the most notable clothing stores in Paris and France....(more)

8 Most Popular French Brands for Clothes

You cannot talk about fashion without thinking of France and all its contributions to the evolution of the industry. The French gave the world "haute couture" or high fashion, "pret-a-porter" or ready-to-wear clothes, and many more. Its capital city, Paris, is also one of the fashion capitals in the world, where many designers and brands have been launched. There are also many designers whose work and influence are legendary. Here are eight of the most prominent names in French clothing....(more)


Famous French Basketball Players

Though most people do not think of France as a basketball hotspot, France has produced many quality basketball players. Quite a few French basketball players have played in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the most prestigious basketball league in the world. Some of these players have been all stars, and one has helped lead a team to an NBA championship. Read on to learn more about some of the most famous French basketball players....(more)

Top French Sports

Learning about a country's culture is just as important as learning to speak the language of its residents. One of the most important parts of a country's culture is its professional sports outlook. Without understanding the popular sports of a country you will be unable to relate to many of its residents. If you are going to visit France, it is important that you are knowledgeable about French sports. Read on to learn about the most popular French sports....(more)


Behind the Fascination with French Ladies

The French have fascinated and inspired the world for centuries. French culture, including its art, fashion, and cuisine, continues to hold sway over the imagination. And when it comes to French women, the conversations get even more interesting. French ladies are known for their sense of style, and much has been made of their allure. As you look at different aspects of a French woman's life, you can see that the surface may be very stylish, but there is a good deal of substance underneath....(more)

Femininty: French Names for Women

When you are pregnant with a girl, you want to make sure that her name stands out. The name is not to be just unique, it needs to have a kind of flow to it that you might not find elsewhere. Recently, parents have started to look to other countries to find names for their daughters. The most popular French names for women often translate well and give your child something interesting yet beautiful....(more)

Tourism 101: Essential Tips for Approaching French Girls

Despite the cultural and social differences, French girls are similar to other girls around the world. They like being treated with respect and courtesy. You may be just as alluring to them as they are to you. With a bit of confidence and mutual interest, you can approach French girls and set course for an intriguing experience....(more)