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Information on UN Placards

A placard is a French word that refers to a card or a sign. In the U.S., the term placard really refers to a sign, and specifically one used in businesses. UN Placards are signs used usually in construction areas or when there is a hazardous material present. These signs...(more)

How To Get a French Work Visa

If you're looking to travel to France, you've probably thought about a work visa. Securing a work visa is quite easy, as long as you already have a job. Without guaranteed employment by a company in France, it may be nearly impossible to obtain a work visa. But if you...(more)

5 Important Tips for French Business Etiquette

The concept of "good manners" can be greatly different between different countries and cultures. Therefore, when you do business in France, you can't exactly conduct yourself in the same way as you would in an English-speaking country. Whether you're going there as a representative for your company or taking a...(more)

Online French Courses for International Business

French is the second-most spoken language in the world. With the globalization that exists for today's businesses, running into language barriers creates problems and stifles profits. Learning French for business purposes sets you apart from your competitors and opens new doors and possibilities. Here are five trustworthy and effective online...(more)


Things to Consider When Shopping for a French Curriculum

Learning a language is a way to extend your knowledge base, exercise your brain, and improve your marketable job skills. Learning a language such as French is easier than it used to be, because recent technological inventions have given users a variety of new ways that they can study new languages. Because there are so many options, shopping for a French curriculum can be difficult. It is important to research the top curricula before you make a decision. Read on to learn about some things you should consider when you shop for a French curriculum....(more)

Schools for Learning French

When learning French, it is necessary to practice speaking the language as much as possible. One way to consistently speak the French language is to enroll at a French school, either in your own country or abroad. There are many schools throughout the world that offer programs in the French language for students of all ages. Some programs may be part of a larger university system, while others are a stand-alone school. Here are some French schools to consider when looking to study the language....(more)

Understanding the French School Systems

The French school systems are divided into three stages, which are primary, secondary, and higher education. Higher education is further subdivided into bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. If you are planning to study in France, you should learn about the French educational system. Thus, read on to learn more about French school systems....(more)


Five Major French Newspapers

Small, community newspapers the world over have struggled to remain relevant with the dawn of the Internet Age. Breaking news and information is available now at your fingertips and savvy web browsers can find out anything that they need to know online. Some of the major players in the newspaper game have been forced to evolve. These five publications are considered major French news sources and are where the French turn, in print or online, to get their daily dose of current events....(more)

Gifts for a Francophile

Francophiles, lovers of the French culture, can be incredibly easy to buy for if you also know a little about the French culture and country. But, if you have never learned about France, and haven't visited the country, then you might be a little lost. Here are five fool-proof gifts that any Francophile would love....(more)

French Learning CDs

It is easy to learn French grammar and vocabulary using textbooks and Internet resources, but in order to fully master the French language, you need to work on your listening skills, pronunciation, and speaking ability. The best way to learn these concepts is by using French learning CDs that contain audio lessons. There are many CD programs available that aim to teach learners how to listen and speak French articulately. Here's a list of some of the most popular....(more)